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142nd Annual Volksfest
NYC Steuben Parade
Steuben Parade


The Plattduetsche Volksfest Vereen of New York & New Jersey (PVV) was established in 1875 and for over 142 years its affiliated clubs have helped to make their home, Schuetzen Park, a beacon for German-Americans in the metropolitan area. Whether it be through singing, dancing, language, sport, marksmanship, or social interest, each of our 13 member clubs strives to preserve a unique part of Germanic heritage, handed down through generations, complete with its traditions and customs.

Our History

In 1874, a large group of clubs in the New York/New Jersey area, comprised of Americans of German descent know as the Plattduetsche people came together to hold one of the largest Germanic festivals in the region. These plattduetsche people originated mostly from the northern flatlands of German; hence the name Platt, meaning flat or plain. The Volksfest was first held in August 1874 in North Bergen, New Jersey, in an area close to what is presently known as Schuetzen Park. More than 125,000 people attended the festival over six days.

In 1875, The Plattduetsche Volksfest Vereen of New York & New Jersey (PVV) was created. Through the years, many other organizations of German ancestry joined the PVV. Today, 15 organization belong to the PVV of NY & NJ, making Schuetzen Park one of the largest centers of German-American culture on the East Coast!

In 1894, the PVV purchased the land that would come to be known as Schuetzen Park. In 1895, the Volksfest itself was moved to the park's grounds where it continues to be held.

In 1899, the Fritz-Reuter Altenheim (home for the aged) was constructed by the PVV members who foresaw a need to provide continuing care for the elderly.

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